1976 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow


Model: Silver Shadow

Version: S1

Year of Registration: 1976

Chassis Number: (tbc)

Body Type: 4-door Saloon

Layout: Front engine, rear wheel drive

Mileage: 76K from new

Fuel Type: Petrol


Engine: 189 hp (141 kW) 6.75 L V8

Transmission: 3-speed THM 400 automatic


Extensive service history with MOT certificates and invoices of work completed by Bentley Specialist.

Exterior Colour: Regency Bronze with Magnolia coach line

Interior Colours: Main Trim: Magnolia hide, Seats: Magnolia, Carpets: Cotswold Beige, Sheepskin Overmats: Cotswold Beige, Headlining: Magnolia, Sun Visors: Magnolia, Rear Parcel Shelf: Magnolia, Top Roll: (tbc)

Instrument panel: Burr Walnut Veneer

Door Cappings: Burr Walnut Veneer

Additional Features:

White wall tyres, Badge bar, Rolls-Royce handling kit


General Background:

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

  • Produced by Rolls Royce Motors in Crewe, England from 1965 to 1980

  • Follow-up model to the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III, superseded by the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

  • The Silver Shadow featured a number of updates designed to ensure Rolls Royce’s position as a market leader, including

  • the first unitary body and chassis construction used by Rolls Royce

  • Unitary construction also made it possible to increase passenger and luggage space whilst reducing the vehicles’ external dimensions (the Silver Shadow was inches (8.9 cm) narrower and 7 inches (18 cm) shorter than the Silver Cloud)

  • disk brakes instead of drums

  • independent rear suspension instead of the live axle design used in previous Rolls Royce models

  • a high-pressure hydropneumatic suspension system licensed from Citroën, with dual-circuit braking and hydraulic self-levelling suspension providing a high degree of ride quality